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Monday, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. - Vinyasa Flow -  Breathe, move, energize, and release in this dynamic vinyasa flow practice set to a fun, eclectic soundtrack.  Our focus for this flow is detox for spring!  Join me as we transition into spring with a detoxifying and balanced sequence focused on melting away winter and toxins by calming the mind, moving the body, and connecting with the breath.   


Yoga & Ayurveda

Spring is Kapha Time


Bringing the knowledge of Ayurveda into our yoga flows can help us open and engage in a more harmonious manner. 

Kapha time started with winter, and it continues throughout the springtime, slowly phasing into Pitta time as the days get longer and the earth warms.  Kapha embodies the elements of earth and water.  Earth qualities are solid, heavy, stable, and grounding, and water qualities are fluid, soft, smooth, and cool.   These qualities are prevalent in the winter, continue in spring, and eventually are reduced as we near summertime.  Just as in nature, the earth begins to thaw, purging itself of toxins to allow new life to emerge.  As humans, we follow nature’s cycle and begin to detoxify; often this comes in the form of excess mucus, congestion, and springtime allergies.  As we melt away toxins, a renewed sense of excitement begins – spring fever! 

Moving into spring, adjust yoga sequencing to continue to generate internal heat, burn off toxins, and increase metabolism and circulation, which help pacify kapha imbalances.  

Key pranayama:  Kapalabhati (skull shining breath) 

Key asana:  Sun Salutations and vinyasa flow that makes you sweat, back bends, twists, arm balances, and postures that engage the legs strongly, as well as turning your world upside-down with inversions. 








Photo Credit:  Wanda June Koch Photography

Darlene Ralicki,Yoga Instructor

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