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Mondays, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. - Vinyasa Flow -  Breathe, move, energize, and release in this dynamic vinyasa flow practice set to a fun, eclectic soundtrack.   The current flow will re-energize and relax - fire up the core and open the heart with a fluid back bend sequence. 
NOTE:  Suzi Miller will be subbing for me on Monday, March 2nd!

New class starting in March!   Once a month Lunar Vinyasa FlowBreath, movement, mantra, meditation...slow down and enjoy the vinyasa of rejuvenation.  Click here to learn more. First class is Sunday, March 22nd, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.  Use your class card or drop in. 

 Late Winter is Kapha Time

The early part of winter Vata time (cold and dry), but quickly transitioning into Kapha time (cold and damp), especially here in the northeast.  As we begin the new year, our vinyasa practice for early winter will be conducive to pacifying both Vata and Kapha imbalances, with more of a focus on Kapha.   

As we move into late winter, we enter Kapha time.   Kapha embodies the elements of earth and water.  Earth qualities are solid, heavy, stable, and grounding, and water qualities are fluid, soft, smooth, and cool.   These qualities are strongest in the late winter  and spring and can cause imbalances, no matter what your predominant dosha.   Increased kapha brings about feelings of lethargy and heaviness, as well as a tendency to overeat through trying to find comfort in food.

To pacify Kapha and keep in balance, make sure to get enough rest and exercise, as well as take time to retreat into a quiet space for meditation or reflection.  In addition, working with the pranayama and asana listed below will help increase circulation, energy, and metabolism.


Key pranayama for the winter:  Kapalabhati (skull shining breath), Bhastrika (bellows breath), Ujjayi (victorious breath). 


Key asana for the winter  Sun Salutations, vinyasa, or rhythmic yoga postures, standing balance, strong standing asana (Warrior), core strengthening, energizing backbends, as well as inversions and arm balances to increase energy and circulation. 


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